Mandrake the Magician comic books

Comic books, give me a nostalgic feeling as they take me down the memory lane of early childhood.

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After my first official Welcome post (Click here to read), I thought of starting a blog post  today about a comic book that I used to read a lot as a kid during my early childhood days in the late 1980’s with the main character that had superhero powers.

Now the most amazing thing about the origin of this comic book character is that, he was a magician who had superpowers and I am talking about a time even before Superman!

That’s right, it’s Mandrake the Magician.

Mandrake the magician is a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by Lee Falk in 1934.

About Lee Falk: (April 28, 1911 – March 13, 1999), was an American writer, theater director and producer, best known as the creator of the popular comic strips The Phantom (1936-present) and Mandrake the Magician (1934-2013).

At the height of their popularity, these strips attracted over 100 million readers every day.

mandrake the magician comic book diamond comics
Mandrake the magician (Click to ENLARGE)

Mandrake the Magician is a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by Lee Falk, which began June 11, 1934 and has been distributed by King Comics.

The Main characters:
Mandrake the Magician:


His trademark – His hat, cloak and wand, passed down from his father Theron which possess great magical properties.

His powers: Fast hypnotic technique which he gestures hypnotically. He is psychic and also has telekinetic powers. He can also turn invisible, shapeshift, and teleport periodically.


Few other main characters / plots / villains:
Lothar – Mandrake’s best friend and crime fighting companion.

Narda – Princess of European nation Cockaigne. She made her first appearance in the second Mandrake story. Although she and Mandrake were infatuated with one another, they did not marry until 1997.

Karma – Lothar’s girlfriend, an African princess who works as a model.

Xanadu, Mandrake’s high-tech residence

The Cobra, Derek, Ekardnam,The Clay Camel, 8 (8 is an old and very powerful crime organization originating in medieval times).



Names of few of the publications that published these comics:

Dell Comics, King Comics, Marvel, Indrajal Comics and then finally Diamond Comics Digest 

Some people say Mandrake the Magician, who started in 1934, was comics first superhero!

Have you heard about Mandrake the Magician? What are your favorite publication issue copies of his comic books?

Do share it with me here, would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day ahead.

Be Well

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