Batman The Killing Joke

Comic Books: Welcome Post

Welcome to my Personal Blog on Comic books.


This is my first post today. So to get it started, I am sharing pictures of two of my most favorite comic book possessions of all time:

Batman: The Killing Joke  and

Batman The Killing Joke
Batman The Killing Joke

Batman: Year One


BATMAN YEAR ONE Frank miller


Looking forward to an amazing journey ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

Most recent update:

About Me and my passion for Comic books


7 thoughts on “Comic Books: Welcome Post

      1. That’s a tough question. I’ve a big fan of Hush; The Long Halloween; No Man’s Land; All-Star Batman and Robin; but I think my favorite stuff is the recent Snyder/Capullo stuff- Court of Owls; Death of the Family; Zero Year… and I’m super-excited about Eternal and Eng Game…. Oh yeah and I love all the Damian Wayne story lines… oh man, it’s a tough question!!!


      2. Very true, it is a very tough question 🙂
        But loved the response from your end. Your list has two of my personal favorites too especially, HUSH.
        Have an awesome day ahead.
        Ananth V


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